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Designing a good survey questionnaire is one of the most important steps of the survey development process. While it may seem fairly easy to come up with a good survey questionnaire, there are some tips and tricks that will make your questionnaire more effective. Here we will focus on some of the key elements for designing a good questionnaire for your survey.

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Key Elements for Designing Survey Questionnaires

 Key Elements for Designing Survey Questionnaires

There is no better way to increase your response rates than a well-targeted set of survey questions; keep them simple, concise, and relevant. You will also need to identify the purpose of your survey – what information you want to gather, who is your target audience, how you will use the results, etc. Based on all these, include only those questions that elicit the information you want.
  • Communicate clearly the purpose of your survey, and approximately how long will it take.
  • Hold respondents’ attention! Ask questions that reflect the title of your survey.
  • Make sure your survey questionnaires are easy to understand to help you gather accurate and relevant information.
  • Do not ask multi-part questions; they will overwhelm your respondents.
  • Keep your questions short. Respondents are less likely to answer if your questions are too long.
  • Avoid questions that are ambiguous or have hidden meanings.
  • Use simple language. Avoid terms and jargon that may confuse your respondents.
  • Use open-ended questions sparingly and intelligently.
  • To make your survey questionnaires easy to read and understand, keep the layout simple. Avoid decorative fonts, and ensure that the questions are aligned and evenly spaced out.
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