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360 Degree Survey

Do you need a top-notch 360 Degree Survey? SurveyMethods offers you the assistance you have been looking for to easily and quickly create an online survey. SurveyMethods' 360 Degree Survey enables you to generate a personal and unique email invitation for each recipient. Further, our 360 Degree Survey can be used for leadership evaluation, workplace surveys, and HR needs. In fact, our 360 Degree Survey can be the perfect tool to help you find out those employees who have actually taken your survey and those who have not, which e-mail addresses have bounced, and many more features! You can also post your survey on any website for users to access quickly and conveniently.

After gathering your data you can create reports with stunning graphs and charts, segment your data, and compare segments to each other. Additionally you can collaborate with your team, share your reports securely with each other, and also export your data to CSV, spreadsheet format, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Adobe PDF.

360 Degree Survey: makes creating online surveys extremely easy. It takes just a few minutes to copy an online survey from our software library, and modify it for your specific purpose. Do you need to create an online survey from scratch? Our software tool has 20 different survey question types you can choose from. With SurveyMethods you can:

  • Create a 360 Degree Survey in minutes
  • Create an anonymous 360 Degree Survey
  • Add your logo and brand your 360 Degree Survey
  • Send surveys via email to respondents
  • Post your 360 Degree Survey on the web
  • Analyze survey respondent data
  • Generate stunning graphs and charts
  • Create and post polls on websites
  • Securely publish your data to the web
  • Generate stunning PowerPoint reports
  • Create custom reports
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