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Wondering what types of companies use SurveyMethods.com? Below is a handful of our showcased clients. In addition, many small and medium-sized businesses use SurveyMethods.com for their survey and research needs.
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"One of the easiest tools to master and be productive with that I have been able to find. We started using Survey Methods for customer satisfaction surveys but the tool has proved useful for a multitude of other uses as well like Employee Training, Skills Assessments and Online Requests."

Juan Gonzalez
Capgemini America

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We try really hard for SurveyMethods to be an experience, rather than just a survey tool. Here are some thoughts from those who tell us we have succeeded.
One of the easiest tools to master and be productive with that I have been able to find. We started using Survey Methods for customer satisfaction surveys but the tool has proved useful for a multitude of other uses as well like Employee Training, Skills Assessments and Online Requests.
Juan Gonzalez
Capgemini America
We have tried a number of applications but none had the flexibility, range of tools, selection of output types, and the ease of use that SurveyMethods provides. We have staff at various levels of aptitude with computer applications and all are producing useful reports with very minimal training. Simply put, there is nothing like SurveyMethods.
Ralph La Tella
Health Information Management Association of Australia
Thank you very much! Truly your customer service is the best at SurveyMethods and I won't hesitate to recommend it to anyone.
Banisha Boolauck

"The software is easy to use and covers a broad variety of survey options. Best of all is their customer support services - outstanding!"

Marcia Williams
HealthTrust Purchasing Group

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We have been using SurveyMethods for several years now, primarily for course evaluations. The reporting capability is robust, allowing us to do segmentation analysis, monthly reporting, and to easily create presentations for our leadership. The few times we have needed support, our customer service rep has provided personal, professional and timely service. That goes a long way these days!
Deb Lucas
TBS, Inc.
I am amazed at the flexibility of the program, the ease of set up and the quick response from customer service when we do have an occasional request. Keep up the Great Work!
Larry G Patten
World Leadership Institute
With retail operations in 19 states, we often find ourselves needing information quickly about the status of certain initiatives. With Survey Methods we can develop questionnaires, launch them, and watch the results come in very quickly - faster than any other alternative way of gathering information.  We also use it as an attendance and tool for our webinars.
Bill Hurley
Senior Manager
American Signature University
We have been using SurveyMethods for approximately four years to train students in online research techniques. To date we have sent out into the world several hundred young professionals with sophisticated online survey skills. SurveyMethods is easy to learn, use and adapt to various situations be they for business, non-profit organizations or education. We have attempted to utilize other online survey research services, but none provides the flexibility and adaptability that Survey Methods provides.
Neil Alperstein
Loyola University Maryland
Survey Methods is more than an effective and flexible web-based survey tool! It’s backed up by a team of dedicated professionals who will help you design your survey, get the most out of the technology, and support your efforts. Dedication to customer support is evident and much appreciated.
Jay Schindler, PhD MPH PMP
Public Health Informatician
Northrop Grumman Information Services
SurveyMethods has been our tool of choice for several years for accumulating data about important Supply Chain initiatives. The application’s versatility and ease of use has helped us construct surveys which reaped valuable information. I also like the survey templates. The templates provide some interesting options and tips that we’ve used in other surveys. Great question set up and choices as well. Thank you SurveyMethods!
Nancy Azneer
HCA Hospital Corporation of America
As a long term career researcher I've worked with several  survey companies and progressed from being a client services manager with AC Nielsen (in the age of the dinosaurs) through to  more recently being country manager for NFO research and later General Manager for TNS.  The old world centred on ownership of the data collection process. SurveyMethods is part of the new world and provides an accessible and very affordable vehicle for setting up surveys, gathering and collating information. Survey Methods is excellent for use with pre-qualified respondent samples such as email membership lists and does not require specialist knowledge or training to use.
Peter Adams
Portside Noosa Waters
We have been using SurveyMethods to conduct website visitor surveys and internal surveys.  We’ve found the tool to be both easy to use and very accommodating.  We’re very pleased with the product and SurveyMethod’s responsiveness.
Gene Brumblay
Make-A-Wish Foundation® of America
The software is easy to use and covers a broad variety of survey options. Best of all is their customer support services - outstanding!
Marcia Williams
HealthTrust Purchasing Group
I spent many hours investigating which online survey tool was best for our purpose, had the largest array of features and was best value for money. Thankfully I come across Survey Methods who I have found wonderful to communicate with and has all the features we require at fantastic value. Thanks Survey Methods, I look forward to having a long term relationship with you.
Geordie Wright
SurveyMethods has been a vital tool in the development and enhancement of our internal training programs. Survey design, implementation, and analysis could not be any easier, even for those with no survey development   experience.
Michael Schick, NREMT-P
Deputy Chief
EMS, Training and Professional Development
Louisville Fire Department
Thank you for making this tool easy to set up and the site easy to navigate.  Also, being able to speak to someone live makes all the difference in the world when it comes to support.  Thank you again!
Project Century
We’ve used SurveyMethods for a couple years for internal and external diversity initiatives.  The customer service is second to none!  Thanks.
Dionne M. King
Diversity Coordinator
Shook, Hardy & Bacon, LLP
Within our business change is a constant; therefore we use SurveyMethods tool when we require to sense the present in order for us to see the future.
Luis Sarmiento
Affiliated Computer Services
We started using SurveyMethods to assist in our Strategic Planning process.  As far as designing surveys, the program has done everything we needed, and the analysis of the results (complete with pie charts and graphs) has been a huge time saver when compiling the results.  Factor in a support department that has been quick to respond whenever a question arises and SurveyMethods is hard to beat.
Teri Weber
Executive Assistant
I love this service. When I need feedback from our customers or a survey of any kind, www.surveymethods.com is my go to solution! It’s simple to set up, easy to deploy via a variety of methods i.e. email, text, blog etc. and the full color reports that are instantly available to me and my team are awesome!  Why use an expensive survey company when this solution allows you to do the same thing yourself for pennies on the dollar!
Kevin L. Weaver
President, Chief Idea Evangelist
I have used Survey Methods for over three years and I would give the program and the technical support team a 100% customer satisfaction rating. I recommend it highly.
I’ve found the team at Survey Methods very helpful if I’ve ever got stuck doing anything. It really is very easy to setup a survey and very easy for users to complete which means that they are more likely to complete one!!
Tracey Jayne Stuart
Business Development Manager
Survey methods is simply the best way of organizational audit. It gives you in depth knowledge of various opinions people may have for your organizations. It’s excellent for feedback in trainings also. Excellent tool for my organization. Thanks SurveyMethods!
Noman Hussain
Thank you so much! You all have the most amazing customer support. I can't tell you how much I appreciate that.
Evelina Moulder
As a non-profit organization it is important to us to find the latest technology that allows us to work like a for-profit industry.  Survey Methods has allowed us to quickly reach our national audience and improve our organizational strategies with amazing results.
Stacy Mott
Smart Girl Politics