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Questionnaire Survey makes creating a questionnaire surveys very easy. You can create a questionnaire survey from scratch or copy and modify examples from the site's extensive library of professionally created surveys in a variety of categories. If you need to create a questionnaire survey from scratch, then survey software provides you with 20 different question types you can choose from. You can also apply presentation styles and branding to your questionnaire survey design.

After gathering respondent data for a questionnaire survey you can create reports with stunning graphs and charts, segment your data, and compare segments to each other. Additionally you can collaborate with your team, share your reports securely with each other, and also export your data to CSV, spreadsheet format, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Adobe PDF.

Questionnaire Survey:

With SurveyMethods you can:

  • Create a questionnaire survey in minutes.
  • Create an anonymous questionnaire survey.
  • Email Launch your questionnaire survey: Send it to as many email addresses through SurveyMethods. SurveyMethods keeps track of who responded, opted out, and which email addresses bounced so you can correct them.
  • Web Launch your questionnaire survey: Create a survey web URL that you can post on your website or paste into your own email system.
  • Remote Trigger: Trigger your SurveyMethods questionnaire survey from your own ERP, CRM or Call Center software.
  • Analyze Survey Data: Unlike most online survey solutions, SurveyMethods provides robust analysis features that are extremely easy to use while enabling deep analysis of respondent data.
  • View Survey Data through Graphs and Charts: A picture is worth a thousand words. View respondents' data by using Bar, Pie, Line, or Area charts. SurveyMethods' graphing and charting features offer you an easy and effective way of analyzing your data. You can also copy all graphs and charts into Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, and any other word-processing or presentation applications.
  • Compare Groups, Segments, or Respondents to Each other: The comparison report enables you to compare how different groups of respondents answered questions of your questionnaire survey. This enables you to determine what segments you are serving and how they differ. Example: A restaurant can view how Business Customers vs. Non-Business Customers answered questions on satisfaction, recommendation etc. the results can be viewed side by side and compared to each other.
  • Create Custom Reports: Create custom reports on your questionnaire survey data with a cover page, introduction page, and the detailed results and then publish them to an Adobe PDF file.
  • Publish Results: You can publish results of your questionnaire survey to a private web URL and then send that URL to individuals you want to share the results with.
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